Food Technologist 食品烹饪程序开发技术员


Working Location: Shanghai Changning



  • planning and organizing of food and equipment tests
  • validating, auditing and documenting of test results
  • conduct sensory, performance tests etc.
  • consolidation of local application requirements
  • food and waste management
  • purchase, install & maintain lab equipment at good working conditions



  • 计划并组织食品和设备的测试
  • 对测试结果进行验证、审核并以文件的形式进行记录
  • 掌握感官和性能测试的方法
  • 收集汇总中国对于应用研发的相关需求
  • 食品测试原料及测试后费料的管理工作
  • 采购、安装、维护实验室设备以保证良好的工作状态


Practical Experiences/skills

  • understand Chinese cuisine
  • experience in the food service sector
  • experience with process technology, ideally food processing
  • strong analytical skills
  • experience in project management
  • good presentation capabilities
  • strong verbal and written communication skills
  • good IT-abilities (MS Office)
  • willingness to travel
  • ability to work precisely in a cooking lab environment


  • 了解中式烹饪过程
  • 有食品服务行业相关工作经验
  • 有食品加工技术、项目管理相关经验
  • 较强的食品分析和数据分析能力
  • 良好的演讲能力以及较强的中英文书写及口头表达能力
  • 熟练掌握电脑相关软件
  • 可接受不定期的出差
  • 可以在烹饪实验室内进行精准的测试



  • respects the confidentiality of R&D activities
  • interested in cooking and culinary topics
  • is communicative and it comes naturally for him/her to establish a good contact
  • thinks and acts entrepreneurial
  • technic affine and open for new technologies
  • works on time and in a quality-conscious manner
  • is enthusiastic, flexible, open minded and structured
  • is a proactive communicator with all stakeholders
  • respects cultural diversity
  • has a “can-do” mentality



  • 尊重研发工作的保密性
  • 对烹饪有兴趣
  • 外向,擅长与人沟通
  • 具有主人翁精神
  • 能够迅速学习并掌握新技术
  • 能够按时、保质、保量的完成工作任务
  • 热情、随和、思想开放并且做事有组织有计划
  • 尊重不同的文化差异
  • 遇事不退缩,能够迎难而上



  • university degree in Food Science, process/chemical engineering is a must, Master degree will be a plus
  • additional course of study in business administration, nutritional science, hotel and restaurant management
  • 3-5 years’ experience in a multinational food related company e.g. food service sector with lab management experience


  • 大学本科以上学历,食品科学、食品工艺、化学工程相关专业。
  • 具有工商管理、营养科学或者酒店管理等相关学习或工作经验。
  • 3-5年在食品相关跨国公司工作经验,例如食品服务行业实验室工作经验。


  • Mandarin
  • English (writing and speaking), fluently
  • Cantonese or other Chinese languages would be an advantage



  • 普通话标准
  • 英文流利(读写及会话能力)



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关于 RATIONAL China应用研发中心Application Development Center

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