Always up to date

Always up to date.

Always up to date.

Big Picture Marketing 2024.

We4Ukraine Donation Handover.

M-net Run 2024.

Internship Days 2024.

People Community Days.

Charity Soccer Tournament.

Ice Hockey 2023/24.

RATIONAL Indoor Masters 2024.

Carnival 2024 in Landsberg.

Pre-Christmas Time 2023.

Childrens Day - Landsberg and Brazil.

Apprenticeship trip to Salzburg.

"Gift with Heart".

First RATIONAL-Schafkopf Tournament.

Child Vacation Care 2023.

Siegfried Meister Concert 2023.

Landsberg City Run.


Factory of the Year 2022.

CEO Talk.

m-net company run 2023.

In-house training fair.

LeanLab Award 2023.

RATIONAL Jubilee Celebration.

RATIONAL Indoor Championships 2023.

"Lumpiger Donnerstag" in Landsberg.

Welcome Day.

A fresh start in 2023!

4th week of Advent.

3rd week of Advent.

2nd week of Advent.

Global Inflation Compensation Bonus.

1st week of Advent.

Graduates Farewell 2022.

Integration Award from the Government of Oberbayern.

Regional Brand "Landsberg Ammersee Lech".

Junior Group Trainee Company.

Starkstrom Season 2022.

New year of training - new apprentices.

Young Professionals Trip.

Donation campaign for children in Ukraine.

Employer Branding Award.

Wings for Life Run 2022.

RATIONAL Survey Landscape.

Training Fair Buchloe 2022.

Best Managed Companies Award 2022.


Completion of Apprenticeships.

IHK Award 2022.

On your bikes: RATIONAL Bike-Leasing.

48 years with RATIONAL. A Farewell to Uli Stengelmair.

Our students are in the fast lane.

RATIONAL and Formula Student.

By your side in your professional life from the very beginning.

International marketing teams visiting Landsberg.

Young professionals trip to Wittenheim.

Life's not easy at the bottom?

What an achievement.

Chefs Trophy Junior 2021.

Landsberg training fair 2021.

Start of Apprenticeship 2021.


Apprentice Workshop.

Vocatium Training Fair 2021.

RATIONAL Vaccination Campaign.

Congratulations on completing your training.

Wings For Life Run 2021.


RATIONAL USA - Diversity & Inclusion Committee.

RATIONAL-Dubai donates laptops to Bangladesh.

Our Holiday Care 2021.

A tribute to our MAZ.

Workshop with TUM.

RATIONAL Culture Award 2020.

Together through the crisis.