Strategic Purchasing Engineer/Manager

Strategic Purchasing Engineer/Manager (f/m)

Reference number: 7121 


ESSENTIAL RESPONSIBILITIES include the following: 

  • Support of current suppliers
  • Identification of new suppliers (brand research, identification suppliers of local market),....)
  • Negotiate with suppliers for quotation, support cost reduction program for new and existing projects to ensure customer needs are satisfied at a price that enables profitable performance
  • Proactively works with suppliers and the cross-functional QC team to ensure the customer's technical requirements and the products to be delivered are properly defined and understood
  • As the directly contact person for suppliers, she/he will be responsible for the technical requirements of the customer and the products to be delivered (Product groups see below) This includes the collaboration in product development teams, supplier rating, selection and development (partner plans), cost optimization, conclusion of contracts incl. quality agreements and ensuring a high delivery reliability for kanban-supported production.
  • She/he prepares procurement market analyses and benchmarks for the product groups and is responsible for supplier selection and development.
  • The main focus of the purchasing activities is in the mechanical field and includes the technologies deep drawing, forming, various welding processes, punching, lasering, assembly of components. An understanding of electrical engineering completes the profile.
  • Observation and market analysis in the field of mechanical sheet metal orking/processing.
  • Responsible for delivery performance
  • She/he deals with the optimization of the value creation processes, which she/he implements with the suppliers and is responsible for the quality of the supplier components starting with the re-sample up to the current series.
  • In addition, she/he supports the developers in complex issues with her/his technical know-how regarding the component design and can discuss and optimize tool design with the experts on the supplier side. In addition, she/he carries out on-site tool acceptance tests and releases them for the series production process.
  • She/he participates in purchasing side product support for new startups and series.
  • Participate in other tasks to improve supplier product quality control through pre-shipment audits and factory quality management.
  • Responsible for export documentation and logistic handling.




Work experience/training

  • Bachelor's degree with a focus on mechanical engineering, or other technical degree.
  • Fluent in English, CET6 /TEM4 or higher. German is an added advantage

Professional experience proven by...

  • proven track record of personal purchasing success
  • initial experience in business development/expansion
  • demonstration of a longer-term strategy for a purchasing organization that is logically structured
  • Clearly proven practical leadership experience of at least 3 years in/ within the company  in demanding, comparable positions
  • Experience with foreign locations
  • Has experience in purchasing complex assemblies (hardware/software) from plant engineering (small series; modular design of plants) or more complex equipment manufacturing.
  • Has already established specifications in cooperation with development engineers and successfully contributed her/his technical expertise on procurement markets, suppliers, materials, assemblies etc..
  • Has also worked on larger purchasing projects and can be the " 2nd man behind the project manager" based on this experience. I.e. she/he is ready and willing to take on more responsibility and personally (and professionally) exudes the necessary competence to find team acceptance in a "natural" way.
  • Work experience of approx. 5 years in the following technologies is absolutely essential: deep drawing, progressive stamping, forming, various welding processes, punching, laser cutting, assembly of components.
  • Know how in the design of tools/equipment for the above mentioned technologies.
  • Several years of experience in technical/strategic purchasing, negotiation skills, IT skills (SAP, MS Office).
  • Desirable: audit experience for conducting supplier audits and performing value stream analyses
  • Experience in quality management and process assurance



  • Hands-on type who is not too shy to manage his/her purchasing area in administrative work in addition to the technically oriented tasks (SAP, Office).
  • Goal-oriented communicator who can "pick up" others with empathy
  • Clearly identifiable value base and (professional) ethics which are also compatible with the RATIONAL philosophy (UIU principle, EKS)
  • well-developed, common sense
  • straightforward, open, honest and team player; but also assertive type, who convinces through knowledge and experience, through facts and mastery of content, through innovative and inspiring ideas as well as through their own practical efforts (doers), but also lets his employees step into the leading role and celebrate successes through them.
  • Is an inspiring leader
  • An accomplished presenter
  • Appreciates teamwork, but also realises when the "lone warrior" is more in demand
  • Convinces through professional competence and sovereign personality that nothing can shake (entrepreneurial type)
  • Agile, open-minded, solution- rather than hierarchy-oriented
  • Is decision-orientated; decides quickly, shows clarity and courage
  • radiates seniority (credible and authentic)
  • Gives orientation, cares and shows how things could be done (pioneer).
  • Sticks to the "things" until they have been worked through in a sustainable way.
  • "Correct" and pleasant appearance, but also edgy and "uncomfortable" in the sense of " proving profile".
  • Ability to work independently with suppliers and customers at all levels and with different cultural backgrounds.


Leadership experience proven through...

  • successful first management experience of a purchasing team incl. the establishment of a motivating performance culture
  • clean structuring of processes in a purchasing organisation
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills. Proactive and should be able to navigate a fast-paced environment



Charisma and leadership shown through...

  • entrepreneurial thinking and acting
  • an inspiring, performance-oriented charisma
  • a convincing and motivating personal presence, e.g. at presentations and/or in negotiations
  • generate team spirit and identification at all levels within the organisation
  • good interpersonal skills and transparent, goal-oriented communication at all levels
  • assertiveness without losing the team
  • authenticity (lives what he/she says)
  • Open-mindedness and flexibility
  • Distinct self-motivation and decisiveness


Aspire to successful result proven by...

  • focus on business success and target achievement
  • stringent financial management (likes to deal with numbers/figures and is numbers-driven)
  • positive thinking and the firm will to be successful
  • the own active professional and personal development



Our Offer
At RATIONAL you will find a dynamic company, extremely successful on an international level and is likely to grow even more – this makes your area of responsibility extremely exciting and multifaceted. We rely on a lean, process-oriented organization, where personal responsibility is not an empty word but actively promoted as well. In addition we offer our “entrepreneur within his enterprise” an attractive performance-based remuneration package.

Our Company
RATIONAL is the global market and technology leader for thermal preparation of meals. Thanks to the use of high-tech-solutions, for professional kitchens all over the globe, its growth and earnings strength is exceptional and sustainable. The turnover exceeds 770 Million Euro and our world market share has reached above 50%. Over 2.100 employees profit from this development. If you are as enthusiastic about these figures as we are, we look forward to receiving your online application.

So please apply via our portal, we are curious to hear what you have to say. Should you have any questions Petra Keller is more than happy to help.