We are a bit special … but in a good way

Every company develops its own culture over time and with it certain quirks, terminology, and routines. Of course, these rituals also exist at RATIONAL, and every RATIONAL employee instinctively follows this unwritten codex. One characteristic is the terminology used in the company. Our employees do not work in separate departments but in linked processes. This illustrates the sense of togetherness and the focus on the common goal, the benefit to our customers.
We do not have a canteen either. At lunchtime, our employees in Landsberg go to one of the company restaurants, which are definitely better than any canteen. That is why they were voted as Germany's best canteen by FOCUS magazine with Food & Health e.V. in 2018. And even on vacation, if the opportunity arises, the kitchens are inspected for RATIONAL appliances.
Proof photos of such spying actions:




    Spotted in East Berlin

    Spotted in South Tyrol



    Spotted in Santorini


    Spotted in Colombia (somewhere between Cartagena and Santa Marta)

All in all, we've probably developed a few quirks, far more than the ones just mentioned. But isn't that the way it is in every family?

Become part of the RATIONAL family and be just as weird as we are: