Chefs Trophy Junior 2021

For the sixth time, RATIONAL, in cooperation with the specialist magazine "Chefs", hosted the Chefs Trophy Junior competition for young professional chefs.
Five teams of two (one apprentice each in the 2nd or 3rd year of training) and one commis (maximum 3 years after the end of the training) compete in battles. The task is to create a menu with the inclusion of mandatory ingredients, which will only be revealed at the start of the event. The first day of the competition is all about menu planning. Cooking and assessment will take place on the second day. The new RATIONAL cooking systems with original accessories are available to the teams for preparing the dishes. Pots and pans are largely taboo in the competition.
In addition to the official members of Chef magazine, the jury is made up of a number of lucky RATIONAL employees who were able to demonstrate their culinary expertise in a competitive selection process.
Our mouths are still watering at the sight of these dishes:

Some impressions from the competition days:

Hungry for more?

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