2nd week of Advent

The year is coming to an end and during Advent, we want to recap a bit and share the key findings of our employee survey, the U.i.U. Compass. For the New Year, we will also reveal a challenge and what we therefore intend to do in the coming year 2023!

Trust is key.

Outstanding performance can only be achieved if the framework conditions are in place. Managers make the decisive contribution here and have the task of providing their teams with the best possible support. This is not an easy task and an area on which we have worked a lot in recent years. We are all the more pleased that in our employee survey, the U.i.U. Compass, 86% of our employees said: "My direct manager creates a trusting and open atmosphere." This a great result in which we have been able to increase by a whole 6% in the last two years and would like to continue in the future with numerous offers such as leadership training, coaching opportunities, and seminars.

Looking for new opportunities?

Whether you are a young professional or an experienced manager - we have your next job!

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