3rd week of Advent

The year is coming to an end and during Advent, we want to recap a bit and share the key findings of our employee survey, the U.i.U. Compass. For the New Year, we will also reveal a challenge and what we therefore intend to do in the coming year 2023!

Respect starts with listening.

Mutual respect regardless of age, seniority, position, gender, skin color or other factors is a cornerstone of the RATIONAL culture. Not only that. We understand respectful interaction as a basic prerequisite for our success and a valuable working environment. We can only achieve our common goals if all employees have the opportunity to use their skills and knowledge to the maximum and are heard, seen, and valued in the process. Our employee survey U.i.U. Compass is an important tool in this respect, with which we obtain structured feedback and can derive our areas of action for the future based on the results. 85% of RATIONAL employees agree with the statement "I am treated with respect at work". A good result that we are very proud of - but we want 100%.

That sounds like a working environment to your liking?

Come join our team - we are excited to have you!

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