4th week of Advent

The year is coming to an end and during Advent, we want to recap a bit and share the key findings of our employee survey, the U.i.U. Compass. For the New Year, we will also reveal a challenge and what we therefore intend to do in the coming year 2023!

Get on board!

Admittedly ... working for RATIONAL is special. One minute you're preparing for your job interview and thinking to yourself "How am I supposed to identify with a kitchen appliance?", the next minute you catch yourself trying to spot a RATIONAL in the kitchen of your favorite restaurant. 88% of our employees state "All in all, I am satisfied with my employment at RATIONAL" and 87% are "proud to work for RATIONAL". Year after year, these statements achieve the highest approval ratings in our employee survey, the U.i.U. Compass - something we are particularly proud of and celebrated together at last week's Christmas party. We wish you a merry Christmas and a pleasant holiday break. 

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