Carnival in Landsberg

"Lumpiger Donnerstag" is a regional specialty in Landsberg. After a long Corona break, this year the whole town dressed up again and paraded through Landsberg. And so it is a tradition that this Thursday in February is a short working day for RATIONALers. Starting at 11 a.m., employees meet in the company restaurants for white sausages and krapfen (doughnuts). An unspoken competition between the various divisions of the company is to present the most extravagant group costumes, which of course follow a theme, at this breakfast, before heading off collectively to the parade in the city. The costs for the Bavarian breakfast and the free half-day are covered by RATIONAL and so one thing is certain: the mood on 16.02. at the RATIONAL factories in Landsberg is exuberant!

Here are a few impressions of the most creative colleagues:

As we all know, after Lumpy Thursday is before Lumpy Thursday. We look forward to seeing make-up skills, sewing talents or other talents among our talents:

But most of all we are looking forward to meeting YOU. Click here for the positions: