Tell me, Mr. Stadelmann...?

In many companies, employees have no or very few points of contact with the Executive Board. At RATIONAL, things are handled a little differently. Here, eye level is not just a phrase you come across in a job ad. And so it may well be the case that a lunch meeting is made up of long-serving employees, managers, apprentices, and a member of the Executive Board. RATIONAL employees act as U.i.U., entrepreneurs within the company, and thus actively help shape the future of the company. As U.i.U., employees may also feel the need to exchange ideas and discuss directly with the Executive Board. Here, the CEO Talk offers the opportunity to network with Mr. Stadelmann in a small, open round of talks. The invitation to register is open to all employees - regardless of position, seniority, or place of employment.

Fancy a meeting with our CEO?

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