Schafkopf Tournament in Landsberg

Schafkopf, a traditional card game, can undoubtedly be considered as Bavarian cultural heritage. Therefore, it's not surprising that many RATIONAL employees in Landsberg enjoy playing "schafkopfen" in their free time. So, why not initiate a RATIONAL Schafkopf tournament, thought Hans and Martin.

Said and done: 32 employees participated, representing all age groups from apprentices to prospective retirees. They gathered in the company restaurant after work to compete at eight tables in three hours and approximately 60 games. Competitive sustenance was provided by the RATIONAL Restaurant and Events Team in the form of a Bavarian snack.

All in all, it was a resounding success and a great time for everyone involved. The date for the next tournament is already set. The organizers' wish: They hope for more players, including female players. Among the 32 participants, there was only one woman.

We're looking for Schafkopf enthusiasts (m/f/d).


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