"Lumpiger Donnerstag" in Landsberg

The "Lumpiger Donnerstag" is a longstanding carnival tradition in Landsberg, celebrated with enthusiasm at RATIONAL every year. At RATIONAL, the "Lumpiger Donnerstag" is not just about fun and celebration, but also about community and solidarity. The day kicks off with a traditional Bavarian breakfast of white sausages and doughnuts, where all employees gather in the company restaurants from 11 a.m. There's a competition for the most original group costumes proudly displayed before heading together for the parade through the city.

RATIONAL covers the costs of the breakfast and grants employees a half-day off to enjoy the "Lumpiger Donnerstag" to the fullest. The atmosphere at the RATIONAL factories in Landsberg on this day is accordingly lively, and even those who aren't typically fans of carnival celebrations can't resist joining in the fun.

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