Ice Hockey 2023/24

The ice hockey team of RATIONAL AG has been in existence for about 40 years, making it a firm fixture within the company. In the 2024 season, our boys and girls are once again taking part, competing in 15 games from September to March to secure victory. This requires practice, so joint training sessions are as much a part of the program as the celebrations after the game.

Current Status:

  • Victory against the IceHogs from Augsburg with 4:1
  • Defeat against Delo with 2:5
  • Victory against Hilti after a penalty shootout with 5:3

On February 24th, it's time again for our ice hockey team to play their next game. This time, RATIONAL warmly welcomes the team from the MULTIVAC Group in Buchloe.

We always welcome spectators. Here are the dates for the upcoming games for your calendar:

  • February 24th against Multivac
  • February 26th against Apfeldorf 1B
  • March 11th against blueFLUX/Holzner
  • March 25th against IceHogs

See you in the RATIONAL fan section.

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