Another class of proud graduates

On November 21, we were once again able to say farewell to a cohort of our trainees after they successfully completed their apprenticeships. We honored 15 apprentices and dual students in the fields of mechatronics, industrial mechanics, metal technology specialists, IT specialists, industrial clerks, and dual students in the fields of international business and life cycle catering. Flowers, chocolates, and a backpack were given in honor of the graduates. In addition, the best graduates received a check which was festively presented by the board members Dr. Stadelmann, Mr. Walter, and Mr. Wiedemann. In addition, there were funny snippets from the past training years and delicious food.

We are glad that the farewell will only last for a short time. All graduates already have an employment area at RATIONAL and are now starting full speed ahead! There is one exception. With the justification of fulfilling a long-held wish before starting to work at RATIONAL: a trip around the world. Well, we can understand that (we're also a little jealous) so we let that pass.

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